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Teacher Training

17-02-19 - Zen Yoga, Dubai

Zen Yoga informs, “We have Weekday RYT 200-hour yoga teacher training programme. It is structured in a way to encourage you to deepen own practice while preparing you with the necessary tools to teach a safe and engaging Hatha Yoga and flow yoga class. Investment is AED 13,500. Early bird price before January 15th is AED 11,550. It includes 10 class pass complimentary at Zen Yoga. Non-Refundable Deposit AED 3,000 (inclusive in the total cost). Payment Plans Available. For more details, contact Zen Yoga: [email protected] (or) [email protected] Or Call us on +971 4 367 0435. <<< BACK


Science behind Yoga

15-02-19 - The Mindful Body, Dubai

The Mindful Body will conduct a course named “Yoga Biomechanics & the science of stretching” at Naya Yoga & Pilates. They say, “If you are a body-nerd, science-buff or simply curious about how to create positive tissue change through your asana practice, this course is for you. Join Jules Mitchell, MS, CMT, ERYT500 for a course that weaves together asana with the basics of biomechanics to take your knowledge and teaching confidence to the next level. The latest in movement research and foundational scientific concepts are discussed in an easy-to-understand, practical way that builds body awareness. <<< BACK


Intelligent Sequencing

13-01-19 - Zoga, Dubai

Zoga will hold Intelligent Sequencing with Julie Martin. It announces that, “If you have been feeling stuck in your teaching process then this course will help you add new elements and bring new life to your classes without overloading yourself or your students. You will be given tools and a layout on how to create, adapt and refine what you offer in your sequences. Julie Martin will lead the classes. She has been creating innovative sequences that take students on a layered journey of movement and meditation for many years. Her philosophy behind putting classes together is drawn from several sources.” <<< BACK


Teacher Training

11-01-19 - Optimal Fitness, Dubai

The Mindful Body has announced The Mindful Body 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training. They say, “Our progressive approach will provide you with a solid understanding of anatomy, modern science and the traditional elements of Yoga to make your practice authentic and relevant to the body and the world you live in. Whether you aspire to teach or want to deepen your knowledge and personal practice, our training will equip you with a strong, practical toolkit to take into the world.” Email [email protected] or [email protected] to register, receive your application form and training details. <<< BACK


Love Birthing

05-01-19 - Babies and Beyond UAE, Dubai

Love Parenting UAE conducts childbirth classes for couples preparing for a calm and natural birth. They inform, “Learn how to use hypnosis, deeply relax, let go of fear and connect with your natural birthing instincts so that you can have a calm, positive and joyful birth experience. In this course you will learn self hypnosis, visualizations, breathing, relaxation and a host of other amazing techniques to transform your birth experience from one of fear and suffering into joy, empowerent and excitement. For more details check out my websites: and <<< BACK


Beyond Intention

15-12-18 - Dubai, UAE

Daniel Mangena will conduct “A Day Beyond Intention” workshop. He says, “Day Beyond Intention is a one-day workshop that will walk you through the four phases of the Beyond Intention:- Acceptance, Clearing, Gratitude and Listening. After the workshop you will be able to apply Beyond Intention and deal with anything from relationship breakups, anxiety and business decisions to stress anger management and procrastination and can be applied to most forms of block. To book a place, visit: The workshop will allow you to walk you through the internal impediments. <<< BACK


Women’s Retreat

14-12-18 - Movement Therapy Studio, Dubai

Be with a group of like-minded and inspirational women, who are leaders in the field of women’s medical health and wellness. This retreat is the first open to public for everyone, well as long as you are female. MTS offers this event to combined medical knowledge and science and health and wellbeing information by separating ‘old wives tales’ from the ‘golden truth’. “With everything now being easily found on the internet, our aim is to dissect medical and wellness information relating to Women’s Health and to provide concise, accurate and scientific approach to holistic health and wellbeing,” MTS said. <<< BACK


Learn Mindfulness

08-12-18 - Nilaya House, Dubai

Mindfulness Dubai announces, “Join our new Mindful Living 101 Day Programme and learn the fundamentals of mindfulness. This event will be hosted at the beautiful Nilaya House in Al Quoz. We will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to set you on your mindful journey. The objective of this full day programme is to provide participants with a full immersion into how working with mindfulness can positively impact psychological and physical wellbeing so that you end the program with the tools, techniques, knowledge and motivation to continue to build your mindfulness practice. Pre-booking is essential.”

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Fertility Yoga

02-12-18 - Bourn Hall Fertility Centre, Dubai

If you are thinking about your fertility health join a fertility and restorative yoga class by YOGAbellas and Bourn Hall Fertility Centre Dubai. RSVP: [email protected] | [email protected] The ogranisers claim that benefits of our complimentary class include: Increasing circulation and stimulation of both female and male reproductive organs, relaxing and de-stressing, improved hormone regulation, improved mood, improved digestion and general health.” They added that booking is mandatory to attend this session. Timing would be from 06:30 PM to 07:30 PM.

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Heart Opening

01-12-18 - Life’n One, Dubai

Almaflow Heart Opening with Rodolfo Young will be held at Life’n One Dubai. Rodolfo says, “During a 1-1 session, the space is created to express, open, and shift the limiting story you’ve been playing. You will gain deep permission to move towards your desired goals and ideal interaction with life and others. These are 90 minute sessions that mix gentle stretches, acupressure points, and energy work to create a deep present state and peace of mind. It will bring people more into the body and away from the restless mind. My goal is to first listen to your story and then find the deeper truths, desires, and needs within it.”

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Teacher Training

11-01-19 - Optimal Fitness, Dubai

The Mindful Body has announced The Mindful Body 200RYT Yoga Teacher Training. They say, “Our progressive approach will provide you with a solid understanding of anatomy, modern science and the traditional elements of Yoga to make your practice authentic and relevant to the body and the world you live in. Whether you aspire to teach or want to deepen your knowledge and personal practice, our training will equip you with a strong, practical toolkit to take into the world.” Email [email protected] or [email protected] to register, receive your application form and training details. <<< BACK


Women’s Retreat

14-12-18 - Movement Therapy Studio

Be with a group of likeminded and inspirational women, who are leaders in the field of women’s medical health and wellness. This retreat is the first open to public for everyone, well as long as you are female. MTS offers this event to combined medical knowledge and science and health and well-being information by separating ‘old wives’ tales’ from the ‘golden truth’. “With everything now being easily found on the internet, our aim is to dissect medical and wellness information relating to women’s health and to provide concise, accurate and scientific approach to holistic health and well-being,” MTS said. <<< BACK


Yin Yoga Training

23-11-18 - Lifestyle Yoga, Dubai

Lifestyle Yoga invites you to join Sumit Manav for 7 days, 50 hours Immersion into a Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Take your passion for Yoga to the next level; deepen your practice and learn how to teach Yin Yoga and pass your Yogic knowledge to others. A reputed and recognized Yin Yoga Teacher’s Training is being offered to you in Dubai through a collaboration between Lifestyle Yoga and the Indian Association of Yoga. The aim of this 50 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training program is to improve your practice by working on the many layers of Yoga to strengthen your confidence and solidify your inner voice. <<< BACK


Yogafest Dubai

15-11-18 - Dubai Internet City

Yogafest Dubai will be held on November 15-17, 2018. This year the festival houses seven specialised tents, each with a full schedule of activities, catering to all wellness practitioners and enthusiasts of all ages. New for 2018 is the “Shakti Tent” dedicated specifically for women and ladies-only classes as well as the “Al Jalila Tent” for participants with disabilities. As always, the festival is home to a range of wellness classes in yoga, Pilates, dance, qigong and meditation. Those interested in learning also have the chance to participate in talks and workshops on healthy living, family nutrition and yoga philosophy. <<< BACK


Marma Therapy

02-11-18 - Trident Wellness Center, Dubai Marina

Marma Therapy Course with Dr. Darmesh. Marma therapy training can help in providing the healthcare professionals as a great tool to serve their patients and clients with great result in conjunction to their therapeutic modalities. The course has also high weight age of proper manipulation of spine and joint which can be done for all age group and even with chronic secondary disease we can do manipulation and stimulation to give maximum benefits. Marma therapy course also helps delegates in developing adequate knowledge in diagnosis and proper evaluation of various conditions and how to safely treat them. <<< BACK


Yoga Immersion

30-10-18 - Zoga, Dubai

The Elements of Mastery is a 3-day Yoga immersion with Matt Giordano. This immersion is for yogis and yoga teachers seeking master body awareness through the practice of asana. For those that have been developing a steady yoga practice but are really searching to dive into the next layer and develop a true sense of mastery, this is the training for you. This immersion uses the Five Elements as a basis for self awareness and deeper knowledge of both body and mind. The Elements of Mastery will take you step by step through the body and provide you with the skills to truly understand your own body both energetically and practically. <<< BACK


Guided Meditation

03-10-18 - Soul Art Center, Dubai

In this group guided meditation, you will get the chance to travel beyond space and time to a higher consciousness where you can access the laws of the Universe, in order to channel a higher knowledge, higher emotions, and higher wisdom. This weekly scheduled meditation has the intention to make you tap into one of the different Laws every week such as; Law of colors, Law of shapes, Law of sound and vibration, Law of love, Law of give and receive, Law of magnetism, Law of attraction, etc. A small creative and artistic application to every Law will be practiced at the end of every session led by Fady Habib. <<< BACK


Liquid Ecstasy

02-10-18 - Soul Art Center, Dubai

Silfath Pinto is a soulcentered woman, wellness expert, healer and life designer. She believes every woman is a masterpiece unfolding and has spent the last 8 years guiding hundreds of women in shifting their inner and outer world to walk in power, grace, beauty and wisdom. As a counselor, coach and facilitator, she offers a unique blend of soulful meditations, creative writing, dance therapy, lifestyle makeovers and sacred feminine practices and tools to restore and elevate women. She will conduct Liquid Ecstasy: The Pleasure Revolution for women at The Residences 1, Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. <<< BACK



26-10-18 - Novotel Dubai, Al Barsha

Thetahealing: Free Yourself From Addictions, attachments and Vows - Elective Course approved by THInK and facilitated by Goran Karna. Prerequisites: Basic + Advanced. The ogranizers claim that this course is being taught for the first time in the Middle East. Goran Karna is a Representative and Administrator of ThetaHealing® (ThetaHealing® United World Wide) of Croatia and Serbia. He is qualified at the highest level in Theta Healing® Teacher Training, with a Certificate In The Science of Theta Healing®. Goran has a Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and History of Art from the University of Zadar, Croatia. <<< BACK


Cigna Park Run

06-10-18 - Race ME Events, Dubai

A timed fun run for all ages and abilities, the Cigna Park Run is a monthly fitness event. It is designed to take you and your families off of your couch and to wonderful Dubai park venues. The first ever Cigna Park Run was taken place at Zabeel Park – Dubai, on Saturday, 5th May 2018. Subsequent runs will take place on the first Saturday of every month (post summer) at 8am. You can join with the family or on your own, distances include: 2.5KM and 5KM A one-off registration fee of Dhs. 100 gets you a souvenir technical t-shirt and a custom timing chip. Visit for more info and to register. <<< BACK


The Art of Yoga

20-09-18 - Inspire Yoga, Dubai

Inspire Yoga Pilates and Fitness has announced a yoga teacher training course. "Immerse yourself in a 7-months 200 hours teacher training course and a life-changing journey of becoming a highly demanded and internationally recognised yoga teacher. Transform your life and your practice to the next level with Natalia Fata in Dubai, UAE. Natalia Fata is E-RYT 500 hours Yoga Teacher Trainer. She along with a team of Inspire Studio’s experienced teachers will provide you with expert guidance in living a yogic life so that you can transform and start teaching from your heart and authentic personal experience.” For application, visit <<< BACK


4-in 1 Yoga Courses

07-09-18 - Trident Wellness Center

Trident Wellness Centre LLC and 136·1 Yoga Studio Dubai Marina conducts Four in One Yoga Courses - Learn, Practice & Inspire Others. Take one, two, three or four modules or any sub-module. For teachers, they encourage to take any modules to complete previous courses, and/or the unique in Dubai Module 4 on Teaching Methodology based on Neuroscience research and Learning Capabilities to enhance teaching skills. All modules are open to all yoginis willing to refine their practice, yoga scholars wanting to learn, aspiring teachers, or yoga teachers serious about diversifying their skills, knowledge and experience. <<< BACK


Sound Bowl Meditation

31-08-18 - Lotus Holistic Yoga Center

Sound healing has been implemented over centuries. Renowned Oncologist Mitchell Gaynor describes: "If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our body.” During this 1 hour meditation you will be guided into a deep relaxed state, allowing the pure frequencies and vibrations to heal, guide, balance and assist you. Price: 1 regular yoga class for 90 AED walk-in, (if you have an unlimited package, it’s only 50AED for you). Book the seats through [email protected] or +971 52 255 7224. <<< BACK


The Ripe Market

18-08-18 - Times Square Center

The Ripe Market will be held at Times Square Center at 09 AM – 03 PM. Ripe Organic informs that, “The Ripe Market brings the community together to support local SME businesses. Browse the cities’ best foodies, designers and artisans; indulge in delicious, locally made, gourmet and specialty foods; stock up on your organic essentials from Ripe Organic; and shop for art, fashion, jewellery, home ware, skincare, gifts & more. There’ll be plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained too like; pop-up yoga and fitness classes, workshops and fun educational activities for the little ones.” For more information, call at 04 315 7000. <<< BACK


Cooking Class

06-08-18 - Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Join Chef de Cuisine Mai Nguyen for an exclusive interactive cooking class that takes guests on a gastronomic journey to the heart of Vietnam. The bespoke experience starts at the hotel’s organic garden, selecting fresh herbs that will be used to compliment ingredients in the traditional Vietnamese dishes, such as mouth-watering fresh Vietnamese rolls and Pho. Guests can then enjoy their masterpieces accompanied by a signature ice tea. Fee will be from AED 650 per person. The classes will be held on Modays from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. To reserve a table kindly call +971 4 818 2222 or email [email protected] <<< BACK


Yoga Sessions

03-08-18 - Holiday Inn Dubai - Al Barsha

Holiday Inn Dubai will conduct yoga classes on Friday, 03 August 2018. The class will be Vinyasa Yoga With Ulpala Madhu. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS). The organizers state that, Yoga is the journey of the self. Through the self. To the self. Yoga has always been something more than a workout solution. It is a philosophy of mind & body balance. Come to Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha every Friday & Saturday to relish the journey.” For booking, please call at +971 50 180 2709. <<< BACK


Walking on Water

22-06-18 - Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

Gulf for Good informs that, “we will hike barefoot along the shoreline of Jumeirah Beach - an excellent training session for building leg muscle. Enjoy the fresh morning air and some great company, a wonderful way to start the weekend. All of our fitness sessions are FREE and open to everyone (over 16 years) even if you haven’t signed up for a G4G challenge, just let us know you’re coming! A great introduction to who we are and what we do.” Those who are interested can email their RSVP to Jill at [email protected] or call Jen on 04 368 0222 before 11am on Thursday 21 June 2018. Bring water, cool workout clothes. <<< BACK


Snow Hike

8/6/2018 - Ski Dubai

Gulf for Good invites to join their fun weekend Snow Hike at Ski Dubai! It claims, ‘the G4G Snow Hike is an excellent way to begin building up your fitness levels, working out both your legs and lungs. Great training for all trekking and high altitude challenges as it’s a unique opportunity to try out your gear and build up your mountain walking muscles in cooler temperatures. All of our fitness sessions are free and open to everyone (over 16 years). Please email your RSVP to Jill at [email protected] or call Jen on 043680222 before 11 AM on Thursday, 07 June 2018. Bring water, hiking shoes with grip, comfortable trousers (no jeans), fleece or thin jacket, hat, gloves. <<< BACK


Spa Ladies Night

Fairmont Dubai - 5/6/2018

Fairmont Dubai offers Spa Ladies night every Tuesday from 2 PM to 10 PM for AED 365 per person. Start off a relaxing journey with access to the spa facilities: pool, gym, sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi. Followed by two 30-minute treatments based on a selected menu, one hour yoga class, healthy snacks and refreshments and a take away gift to enjoy. Advance booking is recommended as space is limited. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. This offer is subject to availability. To make a reservation or for more information, please call +971 4 311 8800 or email [email protected] <<< BACK


Signature Stair Climb

1/6/2018 - Almas Tower, Dubai

Gulf for Good’s signature Stair Climb is an intense workout, climbing 67 floors to the top of Almas Tower in JLT. Described by Adrian Hayes, Everest climber and World Record holder, as “the best mountain training available when you can’t get to the mountains!”, this is a great workout and fabulous training for any mountain challenges. All of their fitness sessions are free and open to everyone. Security at Almas Tower need a complete list of attendees in advance as well as a signed disclaimer so please email your RSVP to Jill at [email protected] or call Jen on 04 368 0222 by midnight on Wednesday 30 May. <<< BACK


Yoga Session

1/6/2018 - 136.1 Yoga Studio, Dubai

136·1 Yoga Studio conducts Good Cop / Bad Cop yoga session. Join Michelle and Dina for 2 hours of hard work and soft relaxation, sweating out impurities of the body and creating pure motivation in the mind, creating both strength of will and kindness in the heart. Let the opposing forces of yin and yang in this “ha” (sun, masculine, activity) and “tha” (moon, feminine, receptivity) yoga flow remove attachment and desire (rajas) as well as anger and fatigue (tamas), leaving you with balance and bliss (sattvic). Be prepared to be both challenged and to find complete surrender. Not suitable for complete beginners. <<< BACK


Yoga Training

07-09-18 - Zen Yoga, Dubai, UAE

Zen Yoga will offer a Yoga Teacher Training programme in September this year. Zen Yoga informs that the programme will give the participants a solid foundation of learning and self discovery in the personal journey of transformation. Investment: AED 12,500 + VAT. Non-Refundable Deposit AED 3000 (inclusive in the total cost). The trainees will practice 15 yoga classes including different styles and levels during the duration of the course, a 15 class pass is included in the price of the training. Minimum of six months of a dedicated yoga practice or equivalent training. Training location is Zen Yoga, Dubai. <<< BACK


Lighter with Lipton

21-08-18 - Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

GuavaPass hosts curated yoga classes in their Abu Dhabi and Dubai studios· It will be sponsored by Lipton Green Tea. GuavaPass informs that people can choose from Sunset Yin Yoga, Power Flows, Outdoor Vinyasa sessions and many more to get one’s zen on and feel lighter. Each attendee gets to take home a Lipton Green Tea pack after class and they can bring non-Guava friends for free by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] It’s a free weekly yoga class. The timing will be from 07 PM to 08 PM. GuavaPass gives members access to a community of fitness studios and healthy-living experts. <<< BACK


Movement Workshop

11-08-18 - Platform Fitness Gym, Dubai

A movement workshop will be held at Platform Fitness Gym · It will be taught by Ryan DeBell.The organizers informed that this workshop consists of 5 modules. (a) Foundational Movement Concepts. (b) How to Create Tension the Right Way to Maximize your Lifts Safely. (c) Find and Fix Deadlift Issues. (d) Why We All Squat Differently and How to Find Your Optimal Stance. (e) Get Strong, Healthy, and Mobile Shoulders. The programme will provide a framework of knowledge that can be applied to all lifts, exercises, and mobility drills. It will help understanding of movements better, the organizers added. <<< BACK


Full Moon Yoga

28-06-18 - Sofitel Dubai The Palm

Tattva Yoga Dubai conducts Full Moon Yoga with Diggy· They claim that the sound of gentle waves complemented by soothing music will enhance the yoga experience. It will be led by Digvijay Singh (Diggy / Tattva yoga dubai.) He will lead a series of yogic asanas, pranayama and singing bowl meditation. The Full Moon Yoga session is for all levels and priced at AED 90 per person inclusive of 90 minutes yoga & meditation session, towels, infused water and valet parking. All participants have to bring your own mat. Limited towels are available for yogis without a mat. For booking, e-mail to [email protected] <<< BACK


Balanced Body Pilates

22-06-18 - Naya Yoga & Pilates, Dubai

A Balanced Body Pilates Reformer I (18 hours) programme led by Balanced Body Instructor Trainer Laura Weston-Jabali will be held at Naya Yoga & Pilates, Dubai.The Pilates Reformer is a flexible piece of exercise equipment allowing resistance and support for exercises involving every part of the body. Naya Yoga & Pilates clamis that their programme will give an understanding of how to use the Reformer to develop core and extremity strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and balance. The wide range of exercises gives a fun workout for clients at any level of ability, they added. <<< BACK


Full Moon Yoga

26-05-18 - Fairmont The Palm, Dubai

Fairmont The Palm invites people to practice yoga and enjoy meditation under the night sky while the bright full moon shines above. They informed that the timing will be from 8:00pm to 09:30pm. All levels and ages can take part. Session (AED 80 per person) includes a one hour yoga practice, 30 min meditation, towels, bottles of water and a range of refreshing drinks, healthy snacks as well as valet parking. Mats are available on ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis. But the organizers appreciate if participants bring their own mats. Spaces are limited. So early booking has to be done. Drop an email to [email protected] <<< BACK


Nutrition Coach

11-05-18 - Mefitpro, Dubai, UAE

Clean Health Fitness Institute conducts the Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 certification for personal trainers, strength coaches and health professionals. They informed that the programme is ideal for those who wish to learn the fundamental principles of designing effective and individualized nutrition plans for clients with different goals and body types. Students will be taught how to write nutrition programmes using the nutritional programme design software iNutrition Pro. They will also learn how to develop nutrition plans without the software as well, the organizers claimed. <<< BACK


Photography Workshop

11-05-18 - Life ‘n’ One, Dubai, UAE

It is an Aura and Chakras Photography workshop. The organizers claim that the workshop will provide explanation of the chakras and the meaning of our aura, how to feel and see someone’s aura easily, meaning of missing colors in an aura, explanation how to create a protective aura. A photo shooting of the aura of each participant will occur analyzing three chakras visible in the photography. In addition to that, a guided meditation for chakra healing and aura cleansing will be givem. Every participant will receive their individual aura photograph and details by email, the organizers informed. <<< BACK


PBT Workshop

04-05-18 - Dubai British Foundation

A Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) workshop designed for teachers who wish to learn all 3 levels of Progressing Ballet Technique and be certified in PBT. Learn this technique of innovation to develop muscle memory to enhance ballet training. Priscilla Law will lead the workshop. She informs that the participants will leave the workshop with a comprehensive training on the program, typed notes and certification in PBT. She will go through in detail the difference stages of students’ development and what exercises to introduce and accelerate as the student becomes stronger, Priscilla added. <<< BACK


Prenatal Yoga

02-05-18 - Nilaya House, Al Quoz

A prenatal yoga teacher training programme for yoga teachers, experienced yoga practitioners and anyone with a passion for the yoga of the feminine during pregnancy. The organizers claims that a trained midwife will train about the changes that the female body goes through during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. The participants can learn to teach a style of yoga that empowers women in pregnancy. They can create a positive environment for pregnant mothers with asana, mudra, chanting, pranayama, deep relaxation, yoga nidra and the yoga of the feminine, they added. <<< BACK