Yoga & Meditation under the Stars

Friday, 20 September Pan Emirates parking on Umm Sequiem Road

Contact: 0528535276

Many spiritual seekers have found the desert to be a sacred place where they could easily quieten the mind and explore the depth of their soul. The desert has always been a place for slowing down, for relaxation and for deepening one's connection to both external and inner world. Tattva Yoga is organizing a full moon yoga and meditation retreat in the desert. Whether you're an experienced yogi, a beginner, and even if you've never practiced yoga in your life, this retreat will give you exactly what you need. This intimate retreat led by expert 'diggy' will have you walk, dance, stretch, meditate, laugh, and sing, taking time to reflect as you create space for integration and alignment in a unique desert location. The programme includes sunset yoga, desert meditation and sound healing.