Emotional Empowerment will create Healing – Sister Shivani

The dictionary meaning of a healer is a person who is able to cure a disease or injury, or someone who can alleviate distress or anguish.
Even science acknowledges that there is a mental aspect to every physical disease. Psychosomatic disorders relate to the interaction of mind and body. The term psychosomatic disorder is mainly used to mean: "a physical disease that is thought to be caused, or made worse, by mental factors".

So if someone has a psychosomatic illness, their symptoms are caused by worry or unhappiness rather than by a physical problem. Some physical diseases are thought to be particularly prone to be made worse by emotional factors such as stress and anxiety. These include psoriasis, eczema, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and heart disease. It is thought that the actual physical magnitude of the illness (the extent of a rash, the level of the blood pressure etc.) can be affected by mental factors.

 Your current emotional state influences your physical health at any given time. How we react to disease and how we cope with ailments varies greatly from person to person. So while psoriasis may not bother some people much; the same condition may cause depression and anxiety in another person  

Each disease has its own treatment options. For physical diseases, treatments such as medication or surgeries are the usual options while the zone of the mind has an entirely different approach. Psychiatrists, counsellors and healers have a significant role to play as mediators in encouraging the depressed, the anxious, the people suffering from stress to heal themselves through changing thoughts and feelings.

One person who has single-handedly impacted thousands of lives is Sister Shivani of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, a spiritual and philanthropic organization established in 1936. Her TV program ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris’ has influenced tens of thousands on practical spiritual understanding since 2007. This show is aired in India, USA, UK, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

The topics she speaks on include stress free lifestyle, harmonizing relationships, leadership, self-empowerment and Raj Yoga meditation technique. The workshops, seminars, and TV programmes conducted by her have given inspiration to professionals, housewives, students and the youth, shaping their attitude towards religion, spirituality and the art of living.

Sister Shivani is the goodwill ambassador of the World Psychiatric Association that represents more than 200,000 psychiatrists worldwide. In 2014, she was honored with Women of the Decade Achievers Award by ALL Ladies League for Excellence in Empowering Spiritual Consciousness.

BK Shivani, as she is famously known, now travels extensively in India and other countries, including the United States and Canada, appearing at charitable events ranging from the promotion of organ donation to parenting programs, as well as Brahma Kumaris events. On organ donation she says: "We are taught that karma (our thoughts, words and deeds – good or bad) done today will benefit our family for a long time. So, it shouldn't take us long to decide to pledge our organs." Her talk shows and guidance has encouraged people to overcome depression, mental stress, addiction, low self esteem and other mental issues.

On 6th October, Sister Shivani gave a public talk to 4,650 people at World Trade Center in Dubai, during an event supported by the Raja Yoga Center and Consulate of India in UAE, in the presence of the Consul General of India, H.E Vipul and retired Lt. Col Mohammed Murad. This was the first event conducted as part of the 2-year long celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary.

On the previous day, Sister Shivani addressed nearly 1,000 people in Abu Dhabi in the presence of the Ambassador Navdeep Suri and eminent businessman and philanthropist B. R. Shetty.

In a candid conversation with Shilpa Jasani, Sister Shivani shared her insight on individual, family as well as social health and wellbeing. “Parents are talking about issues faced by their children in the form of emotional turmoil, issues in schools or colleges, depression, substance abuse and relationship issues. All this is because the younger generation is not emotionally empowered. This, in turn is because the parents are not doing enough for their own emotional empowerment. Only if a parent or grandparent in every family starts practicing spiritual principles or meditation, can they create a calming effect for the children to absorb. If parents prioritize their spiritual health as a way of living, it will set an example for the children to emulate, and this is emotional nutrition for the child. It’s basically radiating power to children. Every parent has pure intentions and wants only the best for their children, but this best remains only at the physical best – which translates as best school, best house, best physical comforts, best nutrition. But best energy and best vibrations are the elements that are missing.”

“Stress is equal to Pressure, divided by Resilience. Pressure can be described as outer challenges like targets, demands, deadlines, exams which are unavoidable and which have increased in the last 20 years. And, resilience is inner strength of emotional stability which unfortunately has decreased in the last 2 decades, thanks to technology addiction and constant influx of information. Today every child is surrounded by information 24/7. This information carries a lot of different energies, mostly negative. Therefore in the last few decades, we can observe that the numerator (stress) has increased, while the denominator (resilience) has decreased, at a pace much faster than the coping capacity of the individual, which is creating stress and tension, even leading to depression. What we can all do is increase the denominator (resilience) through meditation and spiritual living.

For good physical health we need to focus on diet, exercise and sleep. Healthy Emotional Diet means take care of what we watch, read and listen. The information that one absorbs should not be toxic. The second factor is exercise for the mind through daily meditation. Consuming the right information from mainstream media, social media and people around us, empowers us to create the right thoughts in every situation and meditation strengthens us to implement the right thoughts into action. If we think and live right during the day, then good sleep, which is the third factor becomes natural for us. A combination of all three is a package to increase resilience and defeat stress.”

Explaining how to heal from within, Sister Shivani says: “Treatment is available as medicines and procedures, but what is required is healing from within. If we get emotionally hurt easily, or are unable to let go of the past, or unable to forgive; chances are that our emotional blockages will manifest into physical ailments. When we start meditating and learn to let go and be calm, it will bring about an emotional healing. We have all experienced on many occasions that the by-product of emotional healing is physical healing.

Would being content lead to laziness? Not striving to reach a newer goal? Answering the above question, Sister Shivani says: “If one is content, and yet focused on his role, he is able to achieve more. A person who is never satisfied with what he already has, would not be contented when he actually gets what he would like to have. The equation should be ‘contented with what we have, but ready to work for more; rather than will be contented when I get more’. The latter will never ever be satisfied and will live in a perpetual inner vacuum.”

Does a materialistic lifestyle hamper spirituality and peace of mind? Sister Shivani explains: “The state of mind of a spiritual individual does not depend on owning expensive or inexpensive products. The object is rarely the problem. It is the craving, the comparison, the identification, the dependency – these non-spiritual traits that create a heavy baggage on the mind.”

Insight by Sister Shivani

  • Become emotionally empowered – through meditation and spirituality.
  • Pressures are everyday situations coming as targets, exams, relationships, goals and so on. Pressure is inevitable but stress is always optional.
  • Stress equals Pressure divided by Resilience. Increasing resilience through emotional and spiritual empowerment leads to stress-free living.
  • Emotional diet is what we watch, read and listen.
  • Emotional blockages like anger, hurt, fear, jealousy manifest into illnesses in the physical body. So emotional healing will aid physical healing.
  • Contentment is independent of achievements. It is about being happy with what we have, while working towards more.
  • Happiness is to be experienced while working towards the goal, not postponed until a goal is achieved.
  • Spirituality is about self-discipline.

How to become emotionally empowered:

  • Dedicate 30-45 minutes in the morning for yourself – in meditation and prayer to strengthen your mind. Decide how you want to be and visualize yourself being that way.
  • You are what you read, watch and listen. Immediately on waking do not connect with the outside world – world news, emails, messages. Do not allow your mind to think of work immediately on waking up or before going to sleep.
  • Cook for the family – food cooked with love strengthens the family bonds. Food carries vibrational energy and influences the mind before it nourishes the body. Meditating or praying while cooking and partaking food makes it high energy. Eat food in a calm atmosphere – no television, no arguments during meals.
  • Reconnect with personal goals through the day, in hourly intervals. Prioritize values and principles, over assets and achievements. Teach children the same.
  • Create distinct spaces for work, personal time, health and yoga, meditation, rest. Disconnect from technology periodically.
  • Humour these days is also becoming toxic with gossip, judgment and slander. Entertainment needs to be clean. Even the news streaming through the day is mostly negative, so filter and consume only what is empowering. Delete social media messages of bias, criticism or jokes showing someone in poor light even without reading.
  • Forgive, let go of past hurt and resolve issues on the mind before going to sleep every night. Meditate and fill the mind with words of peace, respect and compassion for 10 minutes before winding up.


Raja Yoga Meditation center located near Karama Post Office in Dubai conducts meditation classes for different age groups from children to adults everyday except Fridays.  The center also invites experts and speakers to share insight on different issues like women’s empowerment, challenges of life and yoga. Contact: +971 4 3352604

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