Geopathic Stress: Effects and Solutions - Pooja Srivastav

Are you concerned that something about one or more rooms at your home just doesn’t feel right?Or are you continuing to experience poor sleep patterns or symptoms of ill health for no apparent reason. Despite good medical or natural health treatment?If so, you may be experiencing the effects of ‘Geopathic Stress’.
Pooja Srivastav, a consultant in geopathic and electromagnetic radiation, speaks to Dhanya AK on geopathic stress, its effects and solutions.

Geopathic stress is relatively a new term that covers the relationship between the earth energies and people’s well-being. There are areas of geopathic stress across the surface of the earth but how these areas affect living organisms and the mechanism of interference is something worth understanding. The world has become more curious about it as there is an increase in the number of geopathic stress-related diseases.

“There is an immense need to understand geopathic stress and learn the solutions as well as to get deeper into electromagnetic radiation, its e_ects and solutions,” says Pooja Srivastav, who is the Chief Energising Officer of Pooja Energy Vastu, Shreem International Consultancy, located at Fairmont Hotel Offices, Dubai.

She says, “When I stepped into the world of energy, I learnt that there was a world beyond medicine. This realisation came to me when my sister fell ill a few years ago. She was sinking. And I was not willing to take that answer – so I stepped out of my comfort zone in Dubai and went to India - my home country, to discover a permanent solution. I started learning about energy and my faith in it began to encompass my life. I put all my learning into practice for the well-being of my sister and slowly she recovered. She is now a chartered accountant

“The hunger to learn more about energy healing got me in touch with Dr. Mannem Murthy, former nuclear scientist and the inventor of Universal Thermo Scanner (UTS). And I got certified as a geopathic consultant. I love the learning and the privilege to encourage people to know who they are from inside, in accordance with their DNA than to be searching for themselves with the influence of all the cosmetic camouflage that we all are influenced by.”

What is Geopathic Stress (GS)?

“Geo means Earth and Patho means suffering. It means suffering from the earth which causes stress in the form of illness. Geopathic Stress (GS) is the sole factor found to be associated with majority of serious ailments and psychological issues. The negative effects of GS were proven to the satisfaction of medical professionals more than 70 years ago. Many medical doctors as well as therapists are now of the opinion that no treatment can be considered a complete success without clearing GS,” says Pooja.

GS really refers to the earth energies that are harmful to mankind. GS runs in lines through the earth. When a structure is built above underground water, the natural magnetic flow of the water energy is restricted and disruptive vibrations are sent in the building. If we sleep over these lines over a period of time, the body’s resistance to disease can be affected. GS may be caused by natural factors such as underground streams, geological faults, railway cuttings, quarries, tunnels and building foundations, basically anywhere where there has been a lack of honouring the earth. Many believe that underground water sources are the causes of GS.

This is partly true. Underground displacements, ore deposits, mineral deposits, caves and faults also cause GS. All these obstacles alter the wavelength (frequency) of the natural energy to various harmful frequencies. Pooja continues, “All places have GS lines. The energy comes from down– earth. And it goes up in a ripple effect. So the lines will be stronger in the ground floor of a building. But it affects upstairs as well. GS lines will hit waterfront bodies more, as it joins with the energy from water. If we look at the nature: lightning will fall on GS affected areas only. The accident prone areas of a road are always on GS lines. Plants and trees will not grow properly on GS zones. The lines are stronger at night. And they are high during winter and rainy season. For this reason, I don’t conduct the tests after sunset.



Cracks in your building: Watch out for cracks in your building. It can be an indication of GS.

Watch the behaviour of pets or other animals: Cats, for example, will sleep over such spots. If outdoors, look for bee, wasp, or ant nests over the spot. Excessive amounts of slugs, snails, other insects, or parasites is also a good sign of disturbance. Moles, too, burrow along geopathic stress lines.

Electric bulbs don’t work in GS areas.


Use a dowsing wand: In order to dowse, you will need a wand or V-shaped rod. Even a simple stick works. Start by holding the wand level in front of you. Then, begin to slowly walk around the area where you suspect there is a disturbance. The wand will be attracted to the ground when you pass over such an area.

Use a compass: Hold a compass in your hand and turn until the needle is pointing towards north. Then, move the compass over the suspected disturbance point. The needle will alert you of any energy distortions by wavering back and forth.

Salt water experiment: Place a glass of salt water in each corner of your house. The water will evaporate overnight if GS lines are powerful there.

How does GS affect our health and personal life?

Pregnancy and Fertility: According to Pooja, “GS will reduce your ability to create a new life. It is estimated that in the cases of over 90% of women who could not conceive, they or their partners were sleeping in GS place. In more than 50% of the cases it is the main cause of being infertile. If you are sleeping in a GS place during pregnancy, it can be a major contributory factor in miscarriage or an unhealthy new born baby.”

Effects in Children: Pooja says, “Kids will sleep very badly in GS places. Many confirm, including researchers, that 90% of kids who died of cot death had been sleeping in GS places. Children do not thrive in GS, and are often hyperactive and prone to allergies, asthma and eczema. Kathe Bahchler, a famous researcher, surveyed over 3,000 school children and showed 95% of children with learning difficulties, hyperactive tendencies, or continuous bad behaviour, either slept or had their school desks or both in strong GS areas. Children may be experiencing GS if they are wetting their beds and infants may be experiencing it if they are continuously crying. They are more sensitive to GS.”

Geopathic Stress and Sleep: Pooja explains, “Sleeping in a geopathic stressed place is particularly stressful as a large area of your body is exposed to GS. During sleep, your brain is supposed to rest half the time and heal your body during the other half. If you are geopathic stressed during sleep, your brain has to spend all of its time working due to the strain of GS and you will wake up tired. During sleep, the brain creates 80% of your new cells, giving the right signals for your body to operate properly and absorb the correct level of vitamins and minerals together with adjusting hormone balance. GS will interfere with this process and leave your immune system weak. All these body functions will usually become normal very quickly after GS is cleared from your system, by sleeping in a GSfree place. The stress energy created below the ground can a_ect your sleeping position and result in cancer and tumours.”

Cancer: “The worst outcome of GS in human body is cancer. It will take you to cancer level and leave you there. GS is a common factor in most cancer cases. Many doctors have admitted that all their patients who got cancer were sleeping in the geopathic stressed area,” Pooja adds.

Symptoms of GS Effect in your body

  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Resisting medical treatment
  • Poor health conditions
  • Exhaustion
  • Nervousness
  • Feeling cold
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Sleep walking
  • Restless sleep
  • Cramps
  • Tingling in arms and legs
  • Teeth grinding
  • Falling asleep in the chair or couch but not on the bed
  • You may also be experiencing GS, if you feel fatigued when waking up in the morning, many times with a muzzy head and an aching back. GS may also result in stiffness in the neck and shoulders.


WHO on Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Radiation

Pooja quotes, “The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognized Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) for over 20 years and estimates 45% of schools, oces, hotels, institutions and industrial premises have SBS which causes machinery breakdown, headaches, tensions between staff and employer, lethargy, getting low results, children getting diculties in learning, hyperactive tendencies or lack of concentration, continuous bad behaviour, eye symptoms, depression, stress and fatigue. Very high proportion of children who continuously play truant or who are refused places in ordinary schools due to misbehavior are in electromagnetic zones. Class teachers in electromagnetic field exposures in schools have a high rate of absenteeism. NASA also has recognised that Sick Building Syndrome – Geopathic Stress is the most serious hazard in the modern world.”

How do I know if I am Geopathic Stressed?

If you cannot shake off an illness, depression or feel below par, ask yourself:

1. Did my health problem begin shortly after moving into this home or place of work?

2. Do I feel better when I am away from the home or place of work?

3. Do any of my family members feel uneasy about the atmosphere at home?

4. Did the previous occupants suer from any serious or long-term illness?

5. Does the illness seem to be worse during autumn or spring or wet stormy weather?

6. Does my home or any part of it feel unnaturally cold or damp?

7. Are there any cracks in the concrete walls or ceilings of my home or the footpaths outside?


Stage One: It can occur within hours to 1-2 months:

  • Mood disorders.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your bed, or workplace without any particular reason

Stage Two: Negative Emotions

  • Anxiety
  • Lack of appetite in the morning
  • Sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Fatigue

Stage Three: The stress hormone stage. This stage is a long periodical, but very important

  • Accelerated heartbeat
  • Increased blood sugar
  • Hypertension
  • Muscle cramps, tension, pain
  • Numbness in arms and legs
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Helplessness
  • Temporary impotence
  • Migraine headaches

Stage Four: The digestive system disorders

  • Irritated large intestine causing diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Cramping and bloating
  • Stomach ache Irritable Bowel Syndrome (spastic colon) and weight gain issues are strongly related to GS

Stage Five: The brain damage stage. In this stage, the symptoms can occur within 3-5 years

  • Diabetes
  • Inability to heal
  • Panic Attacks
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Learning Problems
  • Behavior problems
  • Aggression
  • Memory problems
  • Lack of interest in doing something
  • Decision-making problems
  • Inadequate responses to major changes in life situations
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Chronic Fatigue

Stage Six: The Last and Most Serious Stage. In this stage, symptoms can occur within 5 years or more

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Heart attack
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney disorders
  • Allergies
  • Skin diseases
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Stroke
  • Infertility and Miscarriages




Pooja says, “From my learning, I understand that only two places will not be a_ected by GS – NASA lab and a house which has cow dung and urine in its surrounding areas. Earlier in India, cows were common in all houses. Cow dung and urine were used for courtyards and floors, which helped in balancing the energy levels. And people were less exposed to electric waves such as mobile phones, WiFi and microwave ovens. They were close to nature. To neutralise GS, we can find solutions from our mother nature.”

Geopathic Rods to Neutralise GS

Pooja says, “We have a simple and popular solution to neutralise GS at your home or workplace. We have geopathic rods which we can fix at the GS affected areas. We are the only one in Dubai to provide this service. We hold science reports and scientific approvals. We can examine your body and show you before and after results. To eliminate negative energy at your home or office, we hold another test. And we place the neutralising rods as per the results. We can place the rods into the foundation while building a new house.

“Our geopathic rods are made of metals and minerals with a shelf life of 5 to 7 years. We keep these rods under the bed or any affected area. It absorbs the electric and geopathic waves. Within one and half months, you will be able to experience the results. You may need 5 to 6 rods for one house. We charge only once for the consultation and product. Later, when you move the house or office, we remove them and put at the new areas. This will be done for free of cost. GS lines move over time. We have to check the lines every year. But they won’t change overnight. It happens in one to two years. So, we do the maintenance regularly.”

“Awareness is knowledge. Knowledge can lead to action. Learning about geopathic stress will help you take timely action and remove it from your life; that will result in vast improvement in your health and relationships,” Pooja concludes.


1. Sit on the ground (earth/sand/grass): Earth element neutralises your body. It will take away your negative energies.

2. Hug a tree: Because trees are natural processors that can help transform your body’s sick or negative energy into positive.

3. Take bath in salt water: It will heal your body in different ways.

4. Proper sunlight to your home: Sunlight should reach every corner of your house.

5. Do the daily mopping with salt water: Clean your house with salt water. Pour salt water in all corners. .

6. Rearrange your living space: Rearrange your furniture to avoid spending too much time over or near the point. Do not keep anything for long time at the same place. .

7. Get rid of electromagnetic pollution: Minimize your exposure to electronic devices. Get rid of unneeded appliances. If you can’t, keep them unplugged when not in use.

8. Place our geopathic rods: A popular and simple method is to place metal rods at strategic points in your house or anywhere you suspect a geopathic disturbance in order to block or neutralise the distorted flow of energy.


Dimple Zaverl, Dubai:

“Six to seven months back, I consulted Ms. Pooja following health issues of my family members. My daughter, brother-in-law and sisterin- law were facing different kinds of health problems. I explained everything to Ms. Pooja and she told me about geopathic stress. And she tested it at my place and executed the solutions. Amazingly, within two months, our issues were resolved. Earlier, we used to visit the doctor every week. Now, for the past six months, we haven’t visited any doctors. This experience inspired me to learn more about geopathic stress and vastu. And I follow it now.”

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