How to manage anger?

Written by: Sanjeev Krishna,the founder and owner of Sanjeev Krishna Yoga Institution, Dubai.

What is anger?

The inability to face a person or a situation or a circumstance is what makes the individual react to the situation in anger.

Is anger a strength or a weakness?

Anger is an emotion which is a common expression among people, be it in any facet of the society. An individual with this emotion seen on a micro level is the same expression on every human being in a macro level in the whole world.  This emotion is common to all.

Analyzing anger

Anger when expressed in any form brings pain or a feeling of pain the next moment to the individual concerned itself. And to get over that feeling tries to pacify by supplementing it by some good actions or giving something, indirectly trying to please the person to whom this feeling was addressed to by the subject. Anger even disturbs the atmosphere around as well in the process. Ultimately anger does no good to the object or the subject or the atmosphere surrounding in any way.

Not able to face these situations is it strength or weaknesses?

Everyone can understand that it is weaknesses. But the person who always gets angry has this to say - “Actually I am a very calm and a relaxed person and never get angry, but it is all because of you (or some situation) that I am angry.”  In other words, he tries to cover up his weaknesses putting the blame to a third person or a situation.

When we cover up our weaknesses can we overcome our weakness?

First we need to realize anger is my weakness and I have to overcome my weakness by learning to face any situation by the techniques of personal management in life. And we need to realize that the only solution for anger is forgiveness alone and nothing else. Or else anger will manifest in your life as psychosomatic disorders and ill-health will prevail for which the individual alone will suffer in due course. Hence learn to manage oneself in any situation and realize that it is worth learning the art to self-management for a balanced, happy and peaceful life.


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