Hugo Boss launches vegan suit

German luxury fashion house Hugo Boss unveiled its first vegan suit as part of its Spring Summer 2020 collection. Responsibly crafted from fine quality certified organic European linen, the suit uses absolutely no animal-derived materials including silk, wool and down to dyes, glues or chemical substances.

The company website states: “Designed as part of our commitment to sustainable production, this vegan suit is made in Germany with a streamlined fit and a woven micro pattern.”

Vegan suit? What’s that?

Most good quality men’s suits and blazers contain materials such as wool, silk or horsehair that come from systemic cruelty to animals. There is a lot of evidence of animal cruelty in the shearing of sheep and how they undergo rough treatment and suffer from bloodied wounds for wool. As for silk, the process of producing silk threads involves boiling the cocoons, which kills the silkworms.

Finding a good quality vegan suit, especially for men, is often a challenge. While there are many ethical fashion brands for women, the term “ethical men’s fashion” is almost unheard of. The only other menswear brand that is championing ethics and style in the  luxury segment is Stella McCartney, who unveiled her vegetarian and sustainable menswear line in 2016.

Thanks to these brands you will not have to compromise your ethics or style anymore!

In 2018, Hugo Boss launched vegan trainers made from Pinatex (popularly known as pineapple leather) and now with the launch of its first ever ‘PETA-Approved’ vegan suit the fashion house is definitely far ahead in competition when it comes to the future of fashion – that’s sustainable!

Hugo Boss has been forward-thinking when it comes to sustainability and to some extent, has also been engaged in the protection of animals. As part of the brand’s commitment to product responsibility, the company also refrains, for example, from the use of farmed fur, angora wool and live plucked down feathers. However, the company uses leather, wool and silk materials in its regular collections.

The slim fit suit comes in beige, dark blue and black color option and is perfect for every man’s summer wardrobe. At ~$725 it comes as a complete package – its stylish, cruelty-free and sustainable; an investment definitely worth making. You can shop the suit at Hugo Boss’s online store (in select countries) or any of their stores worldwide.

Hugo Boss was founded in 1924 in Metzingen in Germany. The German luxury house has as at least 6,102 points of sale in 124 countries including 364 stores that it directly owns.