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Cacao manifestation ceremony

Bandana Shah of Yoga & Wellness recently had a chance to be a part of a unique workshop “designed to expand the mind by harnessing the raw power of cacao, quantum mechanics neuroscience hacks allowing the participants to manifest their goals and visions instantly”.

The session was conducted by celebrity power couple Juan Pa Barahona and Regan Hillyer.

About Juan Pa

Juan Pa is a transformational leader, speaker, visionary, holistic yoga teacher, shaman, healer and coach. He started his path of personal development and spirituality when he was just nine-years-old after a family health crisis. He studied shamanism, Chinese medicine, tantra philosophy and energy healing. He is certified in holistic yoga, bio-nutrition, kinesiology, therapeutic massage, Reiki, sound healing, health coaching, Qi Gong, bio-energetics.

He has been using science, embodiment and mindset tools to upgrade his life and support his clients with inner mastery, empowerment, mindset and deep soul service for more than two decades. Juan Pa has also been leading inspirational talks, workshops, retreats, immersions and teacher trainings around the globe. Every year, he travels to about 20 countries supporting leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers and visionaries.

About Regan

Regan is the founder of Regan Hillyer International, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business training.

Regan’s desire to create the life she loves led the architect student into the world of NLP and hypnosis and energy work, matrix energetics. She went deeper into several other tools and practices for wellness before starting her own business.

She uses powerful mindset changing tools and cutting edge business development strategies to help people maximize their businesses by disrupting their versions of what they perceive to be ‘normal’ and break free of old archaic systems.

Q&A with Juan Pa Barahona and Regan Hillyer

What is a cacao manifestation ceremony?

Juan Pa: It is an opportunity to open the door to our heart, dreams, visions, and ultimately, our full potential. It’s not a regular cacao ceremony where you just drink cacao, shut your eyes in meditation and feel your heart expand. We go way beyond. Cacao helps you get into a state of trans where you believe everything is possible. Is this state, you lose yourself and open up a space of infinite possibilities so that your vision is clear, your energy is at its highest vibration and your thoughts are more focused. When you’re using your elevated emotions and your body as a temple or a vehicle of manifestation, the cacao opens the heart chakra, helps the energy move faster in the body, inside the pineal gland, which helps you with your vision. It’s a way to accelerate what we are doing already.

What are the steps of manifestation?

  • Grounding: Narrowing down on a specific intention that you would like to manifest
  • Expansion: Move on to your next vision
  • Alchemy: Awakening our emotional and physical selves
  • Embodiment: Letting go of the past, negativity to embrace/become one with the highest version of ourselves
  • Integration: Gratitude

What is the next step? How do we maintain what we have manifested? How can one manifest their intentions individually? Is cacao an integral component?

Juan Pa: Staying in high vibe in your thoughts, emotions, energy and body. Being as clear as we can and tapping into gratitude. The more we are committed to it, the faster we can manifest. Some of the techniques are breathwork and journaling. You can use music or mediation; basically whatever works for you. Write the steps of manifestation; elaborate each one. Feel what you write. The emotions are an important aspect of manifestation.

Regan, you took a huge step by deciding to deviate from the path you were expected to be on (as an architecture student) and take charge of your career. Could you tell us about your spiritual journey?

Regan: Though I had realized that I didn’t want to be an architect, I did finish my degree. My journey started from the outside at first. I was trying to satisfy my curiosity by taking courses and learning about sales and marketing ideas such as how to invest in property and how to trade currency. I was quite disconnected at the beginning. In order to create a life that I loved, I needed to condition myself and succeed from the inside out. It was then that I started my spiritual and wellness journey with NLP and hypnosis and energy work, matrix energetics and later went deeper into other tools and practices. Then everything started to shift gradually. For many people, the spiritual wake comes after some drastic incident. Mine was quite organic with a series of small moments and realizations, which have accumulated to where I am today.

How do you suggest that a person drowning in responsibilities, often feeling like they have no other option, dream of embodying the best version of themselves or take time off to figure what they really want in life?

Regan: When you feel stuck or trapped in your situation, you have to remember that everyone starts somewhere and the biggest step is starting. I felt trapped when was in the university up studying till 12am or even 2am. Then I would get up early and go ahead with the day. I felt like I had no time to dream. But you have to make the time. It starts with you actually creating the space and you don’t have to do something as drastic as quitting your job to figure it out. That’s not the best option for many. It has to start with creating time to tune within. That may be 10 minutes a day to half an hour where you work on your dream or side business, until it starts to take over and become your fulltime reality.

Cacao drink ingredients:
  • Cacao: raw or baked or roasted. A mixture of all three is the best.
  • Honey to sweeten it up. Vegans can use coconut sugar.
  • A pinch of salt for the minerals needed.
  • Superfood matcha for energy and focus.
  • Milk or fat to allow the sugar and cacao to digest slowly. Non-dairy alternatives could be coconut/almond/cashew.
  • Cayenne pepper (optional) to enhance the cacao.

Share your thoughts on:


Juan Pa: It’s the highest vibration of the universe. We can align to it by being in bliss and embodying the bliss – giving and receiving it.


Regan: It’s basically the core of who we are. Your soul is pure and the more you remember that, the more you are able to live life in alignment with love.


Juan Pa: Is an opportunity to connect with god within. Whether it’s a relationship with ourselves or/and with others, it’s actually always the connection with the almighty. There’s no separation. It’s just a doorway to see ourselves.


Regan: Is the act of remembering that you are a spiritual being. You are literally spirit manifested in the body. We believe, there’s no concept of someone being more spiritual than another or one is spiritual and other is not. Everyone is spiritual.


Juan Pa: All we have is a gift of the moment. Being here and now through breath, thought, emotions, and being available to what there is for us right now: our guidance, intuition, relationships, connection and business.


Regan: It is our natural state. People think it is something outside then, something to create or maintain in life. In reality, you are abundance. Once you accept this, you vibrate from the core essence of your being and it becomes easier to manifest physical abundance in every area of your life.


Juan Pa: Is also our natural state. That’s how we are usually born and how we can stay all the time if we are connected to our soul. Whenever there’s a disconnect of any sort – emotional, physical, mental, energetic, spiritual – we come out of health. It’s a disease, out of ease. Health is actually our birth right.


Regan: Is your higher self where your guidance is speaking to you in some way. We all have access to our intuition and the more that we practice tapping in and connecting with our intuition, the more we can surrender to being guided and our life becomes easier because we are able to make choices from a greater level of discernment.


Juan Pa: Is an opportunity to be the best we can be. As co-creators, we can be our highest versions. Having a child, first of all, teaches us a lot about ourselves – of our purity, essence, and how we came to earth (we often forget about that). There’s a lot to learn from children and from observing our attachment, fears, doubts that get in the way. This is one of the biggest gifts we can have.


Regan: Is one of the greatest tools we have in order to unlock greater levels of gratitude, love and happiness in our lives. When we are unable to forgive someone or something, we are the ones actually carrying the hurt, pain and suffering, not the person who has harmed us or done wrong to us in our eyes. The minute we’re able to forgive that person, we re also forgiving ourselves for allowing that and at some level manifesting that. If you forgive someone it doesn’t mean that you’re fine with the things that aren’t fine. You’re simply letting go of the pain, hurt and suffering.


Juan Pa: Is the highest vibration available. It means letting god flow through gracefully. Being grateful for whatever or whomever is just a vibration. It doesn’t matter what is outside or inside.


Regan: Is required in the human experience. The more we are able to connect with other people and openly express our thoughts and our feelings, the faster situations are resolved, the better we feel, the more we are understood the deeper layers of connections and relationship we’re able to unlock with people.


Juan Pa: It’s a manifestation of the energy that’s flowing through and it can be through money. It doesn’t always mean that someone who has money is wealthy. Wealth is also the bliss of loving the money that comes through and using it in the best way – being grateful for it and knowing that we are a channel for it. Wealth has all these components but it is related to our financial situation.


Regan: There’s inner and outer beauty but the real beauty, we believe, shines from one’s soul. Beauty is reflected when someone is truly connected to life. Their radiance is beyond the physical state of what they look like or how they dress or how they do their hair or makeup. It’s the light that emanates from the soul.

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