Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Preparation time: 45 minutes  
Serving net weight: 110 grams

Ingredients                              Net weight
Roasted sweet potato                210gm
Soaked cashew nut                   50gm
Maple syrup                               30ml
Coconut cream                          70ml
Cinnamon powder                      0.5gm
Ginger powder                            0.5gm
Raspberry                                   5gm
Strawberry                                  5gm
Mint leaves                                 0.5gm


•    Wash the sweet potato, cover with aluminium foil and cook in the oven at 160°C until soft 
•    Let them cool down
•    Later, blend all the ingredients
•    Freeze the mixture for a at least 8 hours. If too frozen, keep outside for 10 minutes before serving
•    Serve as scoops and garnish with some berries